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In August of 2022, feeling a bit fed up and struggling with a real lack of confidence in my work, I was searching for a way to challenge myself, put myself out there a bit more and do whatever I could to build my confidence back up again. I came across School of Thought on LinkedIn, applied for it on a complete whim, and was very surprised when I got accepted. 
It began at the beginning of September and we were very quickly thrown head first into some incredible briefs with all sorts of interesting insights from the different agencies we visited. I particularly enjoyed learning all about different aspects of advertising that I'd never considered or worked in before, such as audio/radio advertising, and working in reactionary and participatory elements to a campaign. I've flexed creative muscles I never knew I had during this process, and learnt to really trust in and stand by my own creative ideas.
The intensity of the 13 weeks and all the really positive feedback I received for my work has definitely helped to bring my confidence back up, and I was very surprised and pleased to come in 3rd place with my final submission.
Here is a selection of my highest rated briefs (from the judges) and my favourites from the course.
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