Concept One - Natural Power
This first concept centred around the idea that everyone has an inner natural power they can call upon when in need of a boost of strength or energy, and how Maximuscle products can aid in boosting your energy through their natural ingredients. 
The bold campaign line of 'Unleash your natural power' draws attention to one of the lesser known aspects of Maximuscle products - the natural ingredients. The combination of the campaign line in the handwriting style supported by the loose but brightly coloured hand drawn elements and how they interact with the people in the imagery conveys a sense of wild energy and spirit. 
The lifestyle imagery used varies from the more extreme scenarios where a customer might consume Maximuscle products, such as intense mountain biking or yoga on the edge of a cliff, to someone out on their daily run in the rain, to emphasise the supporting line 'clean nutrition for every body'. Maximuscle is there to help you unleash your natural power in any of these situations.
Concept Two - Life on the go
The second concept focused around how Maximuscle could be used to enhance your normal, daily routine.
The repetitive but simple and inspirational campaign line of 'Believe. Eat. Achieve. Repeat.' emphasised the concept of an aspirational daily routine, and the graphic elements of colourful flowing lines symbolised the various phases of day to day life, and how Maximuscle products can become part of that routine. 
This concept aimed to appeal to both current Maximuscle customers who would have fitness goals that they themselves would want to achieve, but also to a wider customer base who might pick it up in a supermarket for an energy boost or a sweet treat. 
The concept uses lifestyle images of people within their daily and fitness routines, but avoids showing people actually doing exercise. Instead, the imagery focuses on the small acts people do around their exercise, such as rolling out a yoga mat, dusting their hands with chalk, or stretching before a run, to show how consuming Maximuscle products could become one of the small parts of a healthy, daily routine. 
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